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Teacher training materials

PARRISE TPD course at UJA (Pre-Service Teachers Lower Secondary Education)
The sessions can be integrated into different compulsory subjects...

University of Jaén

EnglishAll disciplines
PARRISE TPD course at UJA (Pre-service Teacher Primary Education)
The TPD course is part of a compulsory subject on Science Educati...

University of Jaén

EnglishPrimary School Science
PARRISE TPD courses at CUT
This TPD adopts a model of teachers as learners, designers, innov...

Cyprus University of Technology

EnglishBiologyChemistryPrimary School Science
Current results in physics and new methods in Physics education
In Hungary, where social issues in Physics education have a long-...


EnglishHungarianEnvironmental SciencePhysics
Inquiry-based learning in socio-scientific issues (Onderzoekend leren rondom maatschappelijke vragen)
The TPD course designed by the Science Education Hub Radboud Univ...

Stichting Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen

DutchAll disciplines
Science in and for Society: SSIBL at University of Southampton
The TPD course at Southampton has been designed for pre-service t...

University of Southampton

EnglishBiologyChemistryEnvironmental SciencePhysics
The SSIBL Approach as a Part of Experiential Learning in an Open Learning Environment
Most of the materials are available in Estonian and English (less...

Energy Discovery Centre

EnglishAll disciplines
SSIBL-lähenemine avastusõppe osana mitteformaalses õpikeskkonnas
Enamik materjale on esitatud eesti ja inglise keeles (tunnikavad ...

Energy Discovery Centre

EstonianAll disciplines
PARRISE TPD – Weizmann Institute of Science “What does it concern me and what can I do?” A TPD course: Future civic education through social-scientific inquiry based learning (SSIBL)
The aim of the TPD was to train teachers and educational staff to...

WEIZMANN Institute of Science

HebrewBiologyEnvironmental Science
PARRISE TPD courses for SSIBL at Malmö University
The MaH TPD programme focuses on socio-scientific inquiry based l...

Malmö University

EnglishAll disciplines
SSIBL-courses at Utrecht University, Freudenthal Institute
The UU TPD program adopted an inductive approach in which teacher...

Utrecht University

TPD course on ‘Genetically Modified Food’
In our TPD course, we chose the socio-scientific issue (SSI) ‘g...

University of Vienna


European Commission

PARRISE (grant agreement 612438) is a four year programme (2014-2017) funded by the European Commission.

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