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PARRISE TPD courses for SSIBL at Malmö University

The MaH TPD programme focuses on socio-scientific inquiry based learning (SSIBL) and what a SSIBL approach can bring into the science classroom. As an introduction, a scientist within nanotechnology and risk-taking presents a lecture concerning responsible research and innovation (RRI). After that, different components of SSIBL are discussed and compared to the curriculum. As a task during the TPD course, the teachers design and teach their own SSIBL lessons in school. The programme has been implemented by different groups of science teachers in Malmo. The goal is to support teachers in designing SSIBL lessons and contribute to their teaching repertoire
Teacher presentation – nanotechnology project
ESERA – poster presentation nanotechnology
Teacher presentation – nanotechnology project

This TPD approach for in-service teachers consists of 3 workshops. Each workshop runs over 6 hours.

During the workshops, invite different researchers both from science and social science to discuss their research and how the results from this research could be implemented in school.

Start by introducing the SSIBL framework and compare this to the content in the science curriculum.

Teachers then work both with presented cases and develop and share their own cases/projects.

Workshop 3 is a project day where the teachers present what and how they have worked with SSIBL in their classes or on the TPD course.

O1. reflect on the various elements of the SSIBL framework and on the teaching skills required for these elements to be implemented in school

O2. develop pupil SSIBL activity modules and related assessments to be able to enact SSIBL-oriented activities in real-school contexts

O3. Implement pupil SSIBL activities in teachers’ (science) classrooms

O4. evaluate the implementation of the pupils’ SSIBL activities both in terms of their teaching effectiveness and pupils’ learning

O5. critically reflect on and propose means for future improvement, in terms of the enactment of the pupils’ SSIBL activities

TPD evaluation questions:

a) What did the teachers think about the workshops?

b) How have the workshops developed in-service teachers’ knowledge of SSIBL?

c) How will the teachers use SSIBL in their future teaching?

d) What are the teachers’ opinions about SSIBL?


European Commission

PARRISE (grant agreement 612438) is a four year programme (2014-2017) funded by the European Commission.

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