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SSIBL: Combining science with society in classroom – Utrecht University

The Socio-Scientific Inquiry-based Learning [SSIBL] educational framework (UCL IOE, UK).

Some grand challenges of the 21st century – society, environment, heathy living (UCL IOE, UK).

TPD course at CUT: The antibiotics in livestock debate (Cyprus)

The SSIBL educational framework through the eyes of pre-service science teachers in the UK.

The first round of the SSIBL TPD course at Stockholm University (Sweden).

Researcher and Teacher Educator views of PARRISE (WP2 – Primary Science Education) (SPAIN)

Dr. Marta. R. Ariza – University of Jaén

Researcher and Teacher Educator views of PARRISE (WP3 – Secondary Science Education) (SPAIN)

Dr. Ana M. Abril Gallego – University of Jaén

Content of the TPD course SKUN – Radboud University

Umeå University: Teacherstalk about SSIBL

Weizmann Teachers Professional Development (TPD) course description (framework and activities)

PARRISE TPD course “Mobility, traffic and renewable energies”

A case study on Socio-Scientific Inquiry Based Learning. Utrecht University -The Freudenthal Institute

Projet PARRISE : enquêter en classe de sciences sur les questions d’aujourd’hui

Teacher Professional Development Sessions in Energy Discovery Center in Estonia

How to get started on a SSIBL-project? Raising Authentic Questions

Interview with a PARRISE teacher trainer – Malmö University

SSIBL seen through a pre-service teacher’s experiences (SOTON)

SSIBL in Hungary (ELTE)

Charalampos Theopemptou Interview – CUT [in greek]

The ethical and scientific dimensions of contemporary socio-scientific issues [in-greek]

PARRISE in Portugal

European Commission

PARRISE (grant agreement 612438) is a four year programme (2014-2017) funded by the European Commission.

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