PARRISE Final Conference Posters

Science and society in education

Promoting Responsible Research and Innovation through Science Education

Ammie Berglund
Laboratory work and a SSI about water quality

Anna Loden
SSIBL about sleeping habits

Cecilia Reardon
Vaccination – Do or don’t

Charlotte Lagerholm
Nanotechnology – Invest or not

Edit Szombati
Light bulb investigation

Efi Dariou
Plastic, biodegradable or fabric bag

Eran Zafrani
Bringing an end to global hunger

Guido Caracristi
Fostering environmental awareness

Helen Forsgren
Habits and healthy lifestyles

Ildiko Takatsne Lucz
Renewable sources in use

Jasper Green
Can museum artefacts support beginning science teachers to ask socio-scientific questions

Maria Miti
Cholesterol control with medical treatment (statins) or diet and exercise?

Maria Miti
Kidney transplantation

Paul Davies
Mining for justice

Peter Tasnadi
The past and presence of the SSIBL in Hungary

Rachel Cohen
Designing TPD model for PARRISE

Sara Lilja
Genetically modified anopheles parasites

Tasoula Moullotou
Plastic food packaging: “With or without nanomaterials?”

William Berthagen, Bobica Willert-Andersson

William Berthagen, Bobica Willert-Andersson

European Commission

PARRISE (grant agreement 612438) is a four year programme (2014-2017) funded by the European Commission.

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