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The University of Jaén is a medium-sized institution offering more than 40 degrees in the areas of Experimental Sciences, Humanities and Education (degrees, PG, and PhD studies). The members of the Department of Didactic of Sciences are experts in initial and in-service teacher education for primary and secondary schools, and they are experienced in research on innovative materials and pedagogies to improve Science and Mathematics Education. There is continuous collaboration with many schools and teachers in the region, as well as other with other institutions for formal and non-formal education, such as the Science Museum in Granada. The UJA integrates experts in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Education and is experienced in the use of interdisciplinary approaches covering a wide range of STEM topics, closely connected to current socio-scientific issues (see previous experience in the COMPASS project).

The UJA staff has been involved in other European projects such as COMPASS (Common problem solving strategies as links between mathematics and science), focussed on the design of innovative IBSE teaching materials to enhance science and mathematics learning through socio-scientific issues related to sustainability and the PRIMAS project (Promoting inquiry in mathematics and science education across Europe), a 7th FP project aimed at attaining a significant impact of IBSE through teacher training.

The four UJA staff members are lecturers in the department of Didactics of Sciences (Science Education), actively involved in pre-service and in-service teacher education for primary and secondary schools (degrees, master degrees and PhD in education). They are also engaged in professional development courses for in-service teachers as teacher educators. They keep continuous collaboration with professional networks related to science education, institutions for non-formal education and other institutions for in-service teacher training (Teachers’ Centres in the South of Spain). Among other national and international projects, the four of them have been actively involved in the COMPASS and PRIMAS European project, collaborating with other experts across Europe in the promotion of IBSE. They are authors of national and international papers on science and mathematics education and organised and taken part of several conferences on these issues. They all have a strong background in STEM disciplines but became later interested in the improvement of science and mathematics learning, getting a position as members of the Department of Didactics of Sciences (Science Education) at the University of Jaén. 

Our team will customise teacher education materials to facilitate the uptake of SSIBL, develop suitable pre-service and in-service teacher education to provide teachers with the skills and knowledge required to implement SSIBL and engage existing national and regional teacher training institutions in the project. 

WP Involvement

Teacher Professional Development in SSIBL -Lower Secondary Education (WP3)

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Team Profile

Although the four UJA partners are currently lecturers and researchers on science and mathematics education, their initial background is:

Dr. Marta Romero Ariza, European Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 2002 at the University of Granada, spending several years on the study of natural products with interesting biological activities. She got passionate for promoting science learning and turned to Science Education in 2006.

Dr. Ana M. Abril Gallego, Ph.D. in Micro-Biology in 2000, at the Autonomous University of Madrid. She started as a science education lecturer in 2001 and is an active member of the an association related to gender, “Women, Science and Society” a multidisciplinary network which promotes studies, courses and research on this topics.

Dr. Antonio Quesada, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (June 2003), with expertise in synthetic products with anti-tumor activity, pheromones and structural studies by x-ray diffraction. He turned to science education in 2005.

Dr. F. Javier García, Ph.D. in Mathematics Education with a special focus on modelling. He is especially interested in how competencies associated to modelling and interdisciplinary approaches can enhance students’ lifelong learning skills using IBSE approaches.

European Commission

PARRISE (grant agreement 612438) is a four year programme (2014-2017) funded by the European Commission.

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