PARRISE launched its own YouTube channel, with brief videos on the PARRISE project.  Τhe respective deliverable (D6.11) is due on month 48, but the first videos are already online.
The first video, by PARRISE  coordinator Christine Knippels, provides a brief but concise introduction to the PARRISE project. A second video by Stockholm University [SU, P19] highlights the key points of their TPD program during 2015-16. Other videos by CUT [P9] present a short interview with a former Cyprus Commissioner for the Environment on the topic of RRI, and an experiential activity undertaken as part of the first PARRISE TPD program (2015-16) in  Cyprus. Finally, two more videos by the UCL Institute of Education [UCL IOE, P2] provide a presentation of the Socio-scientific Inquiry-Based Learning (SSIBL) educational framework by Dr. Ralph Levinson, and the PARRISE-related experiences of pre service science teachers in the UK.
The PARRISE YouTube Channel is an innovative dissemination venue for the project.  As the PARRISE work matures, more dissemination activities are expected to take place by the PARRISE partners and additional project videos produced for the PARRISE You Tube channel are anticipated.
Visit the PARRISE YouTube channel with videos about the PARRISE work at .

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