by Cristina Dias, Maria João Fonseca, Fernando Tavares, Susana Pereira, and Júlio Borlido-Santos (University of Porto, Portugal)
In the context of the PARRISE project, collaboration protocols were established with two groups of schools: Carolina Michaëlis and Rio Tinto.
Director of Carolina Michaëlis Group of Schools
Director of Carolina Michaëlis Group of Schools
These schools, located in Porto metropolitan area, and offering instruction cycles covering levels that range from pre-school up to secondary education, host a considerable number of teachers, who are willing to participate in this challenge. In Portugal, the implementation of activities and resources developed along the various steps of the project, in formal and informal learning environments, will take place mainly at the secondary level. Nevertheless, many of the participants recruited up to now, also teach subjects from other education levels.
Carolina Michaëlis Group of Schools is one of the major groupings of Porto. With a privileged location in the center of the city, it integrates four primary schools and a secondary school, which is the group’s headquarters. The group is attended by about 1100 students, almost half of which are secondary school students.
Rio Tinto Group of Schools is located in a more peripheral zone of Porto, has its headquarter based at Rio Tinto Secondary School. This Group encompasses an elementary school, an integrated level school, two primary schools and four nurseries. This group of schools is attended by about 3300 students, of which  1250  are secondary school students.
Director of Rio Tinto Group of Schools
Director of Rio Tinto Group
of Schools
The curricula at each of these schools are very diverse, which provides students with a wide range of educational options. The teachers involved in the PARRISE project are biology teachers, who are extremely motivated to collaborate in the enforcement of every commitment made by both parties.
The ratification of this collaboration has been carried out by the representative of the Directors’ Board of each School Group.    
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Rio Tinto schools:
Carolina Michaëlis Schools
Carolina Michaëlis Group of Schools
Carolina Michaëlis Group of Schools
Rio Tinto Group of Schools
Rio Tinto Group of Schools

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