The project is in the process of developing a Best Practices online database, which will provide stakeholders and visitors to the website information on each of the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programmes organized in each participating country. The first examples are already online, providing a glimpse into TPDs organized during the first TPD series.
In addition to the Best Practices database, the project will present exemplars from student and classroom materials to support the understanding of how the SSIBL framework can be implemented in real-world settings.  The following are some examples of the topics being addressed at different educational levels:
Elementary science (WP2): Sustainable development in urban ecosystems; recycling; infectious diseases; heredity and genetic disorders; science and space.
Lower secondary education (WP3):  Pollution and environmental-friendly policies; sustainable energy use; genomics; waste; climate change; epigenetics.
Upper secondary education (WP4): Biotechnology; bioinformatics; solar energy and green supplies;  sustainability; temperature control and regulation; the health effects of statins; cancer genomics; nanotechnology, embryonic cells.
Two first examples are already online providing a glimpse of the students materials  employed during the first TPD series.



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