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The University for Humanistic Studies Utrecht is a national public university, inspired by humanist values (www.uvh.nl). The University has a central position in the Netherlands in teaching and research about living in a pluralist and democratic society, its civil institutions, and its caring and educational institutes and professions.

The research group has a lot of experience in research (both quantitative and qualitative research) in moral and citizenship education. Research on different pedagogical goals of teachers, curriculum development, their methodology, students’ learning and students’ moral and citizenship development. Several review studies have been done on practices, conceptual frameworks, and teachers’ professional development. The group participates in two international studies. The RIAIPE3 project with Latin America Universities on equity and social cohesion. The European review study on participatory citizenship in the European Union.

The main task of this team is to contribute to the development of the conceptual framework of SSIBL, in WP1. In particular regarding the theory and practice of critical-democratic citizenship development. In the analyses of the developed pedagogy and curricula examples the focuses are on the contribution of SSIBL to citizenship education and citizenship development.

WP Involvement

The SSIBL Educational Framework (WP1)

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Team Profile

Professor Dr. Wiel Veugelers is a professor of education at the University for Humanistic Studies in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and an associate professor of curriculum studies in the Department Child Development and Education at the University of Amsterdam. His research and teaching is in the areas of citizenship education, moral development, teachers’ pedagogical professionalism, educational change, networking between educational institutions, identity development, youth studies and youth subcultures.

He is member of the expert group of indicators for citizenship and citizenship education of the European Commission. Founder and first president of the EARLI SIG Moral and Democratic Education. Chair of the SIG Moral Development and Education of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). President of the Division Education and Society of the Dutch Educational Research Association (VOR). Advisor for Citizenship Education of the National Curriculum Institute (SLO). Member Advisory Board Dutch Organisation for Public Schools (VOO). Associate editor ‘Journal of Moral Education’, Editorial board ‘Compare’ and ‘International Journal of Leadership in Education’. Editor book series ‘Moral Development and Citizenship Education’ (Sensepublishers)

The research of Dr. Y. Leeman focuses on pedagogical quality of teaching in citizenship education. Leeman published many articles, in particular on multicultural education. Dr. G. Jacobs is an expert on research on normative professionalism. Drs. I. de Groot is finishing her Ph.D. research on citizenship development of students. 

European Commission

PARRISE (grant agreement 612438) is a four year programme (2014-2017) funded by the European Commission.

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