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Enhancing primary science teacher’s competence on teaching socioscientific inquiry based learning (SSIBL)

The SSIBL TPD course was embedded in a regular course named ‘Science and technology education for compulsory school teachers, grade 4-6' as a formal education organized once per semester in the Department of Mathematics and Science Education at Stockholm University. The participants were all pre-service science teachers with multi-disciplinary backgrounds. SSI and IBSE are matched to what the current Swedish curriculum (Lgr11) addresses, but these concepts are combined as SSIBL for the first time for the participants.
Group discussions and joint reflections were conducted in the TPD courses.
Group discussions and joint reflections were conducted in the TPD courses.
Group presentations were conducted in the TPD courses.

The course is composed of

(1) lectures to introduce the background and knowledge related to SSIBL,

(2) hands-on acitivities to let the participants experience a SSIBL

classroom activity and design their own SSIBL activity in classroom,

(3) group discussions on reflecting or their learning of SSIBL and

(4) group presentation of their own design of SSIBL classroom activities.

After the TPD course, the pre-service teachers should be able to:

  • Engage with the research literature on aspects relating to the SSIBL framework.
  • Analyse teaching scenarios according to elements of the SSIBL framework.
  • Reflect on the various elements of the SSIBL framework and on the teaching skills required for these elements to be implemented in school.
  • Develop pupil SSIBL activity modules to be able to enact SSIBL-oriented activities in real-school contexts.
  • Reflect on the TPD course and the enactment of the pupils’ SSIBL activities.
The evaluation is focused on pre- and post-survey (Likert scale) of primary science teachers' confidence of teaching SSI, IBSE and SSIBL as well as their further need of SSI, IBSE and SSIBL education.

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