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What is PARRISE?

PARRISE stands for Promoting Attainment of Responsible Research and Innovation in Science Education. There are 18 partners in 11 countries in this FP7 EU-sponsored project.

What is the goal of the program?

The PARRISE project aims to raise young people’s awareness of responsible research and innovation (RRI) through socio-scientific inquiry-based learning (SSIBL). The goals are to train pre-service and experienced science teachers to develop authentic, meaningful inquiry opportunities for their students which blend RRI with citizenship, SSI and inquiry learning. Students ask amazing questions about SSI and want their inquiry learning to make a difference.

Role to the program

Development of the SSIBL theoretical framework

Supporting SSIBL for lower secondary school students

IoE webpage [en]

IoE PARRISE Brochure [en]

What are the main local actions that took place so far?

At UCL Institute of Education, London, UK, we are developing training activities and best practice resources for pre-service science teachers (PSTs). These include PSTs creating formal and informal learning activities for their school students such as responsible research into reasons teenagers smoke, why schools use so many plastic bottles and the implications of mining and using metals. We have disseminated the project aims to a wide audience of experienced science teachers and science teacher educators, and are now in the process of developing a network of SSIBL teacher champions.

Ralph Levinson elaborates the aluminium story
PSTs explore the issues surrounding the use of materials in consumer products

European Commission

PARRISE (grant agreement 612438) is a four year programme (2014-2017) funded by the European Commission.

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