by Sanne Dekker & Jan van Baren-Nawrocka (Radboud University, Τhe Netherlands)
In the PARRISE project, the Science Education Hub Radboud University (The Netherlands) has developed a useful tool for teachers. This tool, shown in Figure 1, is called the SSIBL machine and helps teachers to develop and identify a suitable SSIBL project. The SSIBL machine includes all criteria for a good SSIBL scenario, such as, for instance, ‘Is it controversial and open ended?’ and ‘Is it researchable by students?’. Teachers can run their idea for a project ‘through’ the machine. When all questions in the machine are answered with yes, their idea fits all SSIBL criteria. If one of the questions is answered negatively, it is a sign that their idea needs to be adapted. In our projects, we have found out that teachers found this tool attractive and very helpful in the stage of developing a SSIBL project. It can be used in both primary and secondary education. If you are interested in finding out more about this tool, please contact us at


Figure 1. The SSIBL machine

European Commission

PARRISE (grant agreement 612438) is a four year programme (2014-2017) funded by the European Commission.

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