Good Practices: Classroom Examples

What type of fuel would you choose?

The student material, entitled “What type of fuel would you choose?”, is focused on the socio-scientific controversy between selecting conventional diesel or biodiesel (of 1st or 2nd generation). The student material was developed by three in-service chemistry teachers through a collaborative design approach, as a viable approach for developing better curricula and understanding its effects. Grounded on the SSIBL framework, the three chemistry teachers decided to co-design the student material, during their participation in the first cycle of PARRISE Cyprus TPD courses (2015-16).


Chemistry teacher discussing with students
Students collecting data during their SSIBL-based investigation
Students disseminating biodiesel brochures as part of their citizenship activities

The student material addresses 7 main objectives, as follows:

O1.Promote conceptual understanding (e.g. Air composition, Air quality, Air pollutants, Conventional fuels, Biofuels, diesel, biodiesel)

O2.Promote inquiry-based skills (e.g. data collection, organization and interpretation)

O3.Promote active citizenship

O4.Promote RRI attitudes

O5.Promote collaborative skills

O6.Promote ICT skills

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Students’ evaluation is based mostly on formative assessment approaches. In particular the science teacher can evaluate his/her students through the following venues:

  • Classroom discussions during which students are asked to express their ideas
  • Teacher observation and teacher-student interactions as students are working in their dyads
  • Students’ completed templates (Worksheets) on STOCHASMOS web-based platform
  • Informative flyers a the final artifact devised by the students at end of the intervention

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